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Solon's Birthday: Pinata and Presents....

Saturday, August 13, 2011
What games do you have at a 2 year old birthday party?  Well we thought a pinata would be fun (BUT it was VERY well constructed just as the reviews mentioned on amazon :)  Everybody got to take a hit - even the adults.
Solon wasn't quite sure he was supposed to hit it - way to send mixed messages - normally we tell him "no hitting things".
Then the "big" kids took their turn but it took a few swipes and then they finally shook it out because it would not go on its own....
As you can see the kids didn't care and quickly took to picking up the "treasure" after laughing in pure joy at what had just fallen from the tractor...
We went inside for cake and presents - it was just too hot outside to be out any longer.  Solon was BLESSED with many sweet gifts from our friends and family.  We are moving old toys to the basement so Solon can enjoy his new toys upstairs...
All the way from Australia (or atleast ordered online from there - :)  A cool guitar/piano/loud noise maker :)  Solon loves it so that is all that matters - thanks Malins!!!!
Papa made Solon's cake as is Port tradition (Nana cooks it and Papa decorates it)...They blew out the candles together - Solon knew how but he needed a little more wind support!
All done with his cake - what a difference a year makes - no leftovers on his face!  Such a tidy eater (for the most part)...
We had to play with all the new toys before bed in our PJ's.  I think his favorites were the "Cars" golf clubs from his buddy and this tent from his Aunt Chris...Daddy and Solon are only allowed in so far - no girls allowed which includes mommy and Cy!  He will be in there reading, wrestling and playing the majority of the day and it adds greatly to my family room decor (wink, wink!).

Happy Birthday Buddy!  Thanks to our generous friends and family for making Solon's 2nd birthday so much fun!
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  1. What a fun second birthday party!! I am sure he loved it! That cake looked awesome, fit the theme very well!!


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