Our State Fair is the greatest state fair...

Oh the state fair....Solon loved it, so did Daddy and mommy survived it :)!  We went nice and early on Saturday morning and because there was a threat for rain the crowds were better but by the time we left at about 12:30pm it was NUTS.  Scott introduced me to the fair in the early stages of our relationship and now that we have a youngster it is more fun because we can do all the little kid stuff!
First, we stopped off at the model train exhibit - one of Solon and Scott's favorites.  A whole large building dedicated to nothing but a model train exhibit.  I have to say it is quite extraordinary what they are able to create with model trains.  Solon was beyond fascinated!  He would have stayed in there all day watching the trains pass by...
Next up were all the tractors - my goodness - he was in John Deere heaven.  They had all types of tractors from REALLY REALLY big ones to normal (you and I could buy) kinds.  They all had price tags - my goodness I would have to take out a mortgage to afford one and the living quarters are kind of tight for a growing family of 4.
Sitting in the wheel of one of the REALLY REALLY big tractors...
Next we went to the "farrowing" exhibit where all the baby animals are being born or have recently been born...while Scott and Solon were looking at baby pigs I saw a cow's water break (mark that off my seen that list) Wow, is all I can say about that experience.  These little goats Solon petted were only 4 hours old.  Yep, I was the mom who let my kid touch them.  The mom behind me was yelling at her kids to not touch them because they had diseases.  :)  We did wash his hands upon leaving the exhibit...in case you all were worried!  It is amazing Scott survived raising pigs and sheep when he was growing up :).
Then off to the "Little Hands on the Farm" exhibit...you get an apron, a hat, and a basket and you start your way through the farm planting a seed, harvesting, taking to market and then finally buying something at the grocery store...well by this point the lines were super long and Solon and mommy were VERY hot so we ducked out halfway through - guess we will have to do this exhibit first next time around!
Planting his seed!
...and don't you worry we didn't not leave the fair without first having some of the Fair Fare!  I have always wanted to try this above dish, the Beef Sundae.  It did not disappoint - yum!  Mashed potatoes covered in pot roast and gravy and sprinkled with cheese and a tomato on top (but you know me and my obsession with tomatoes recently - I already ate it by the time the picture was taken :).  We also had those many chocolate-chip cookies that are warm in the varied industries building - yum and Scott had his glass of Honey Lemonade from the honey people by the butter cow.

Yes we saw the butter cow, the DNR building with lots of fish, and all the animal barns as well.  We pretty much came, saw, ate, sweat, and left in 5 hours...it is fun and we asked Solon if he was having fun and he said "YES" in a big loud voice - guess it was a hit :)!  How could it not  be with his favorites - trains, tractors and food :)