A little nesting DIY Project...

As many of you know we are 1 income family.  As a result Scott and I prayed long and hard about our finances and whether or not we should move on to another house.  After much prayer and consideration, we decided we will not be moving to another house anytime soon.  We believe that our house is perfect (albeit there are things I wish I could add) and it comes as just the right comfy price on 1 income.  We don't want to be house-poor or not be able to share experiences with our children because we are investing all of our money into bricks and mortar.  It is hard these days not to get into the trap of "bigger is better".  I always thought we would be in this house for 5 years and move on.  Well we hit the 5 year mark in early July and there is no sign of moving for another 4-6 years.  I enjoy my new title as stay at home mommy too much!  So...in light of our decision we decided that we could atleast do a few things to make it more "us"....namely painting all the trim in the house white.  I have never "loved" the oak trim but it came standard when we built.  Now everything they are building has white woodwork and I prefer it (despite the many comments telling me it is way more work to keep clean).  I wanted to tackle this project before baby arrived as I knew our lives would not have time for this "um not so tiny project" after baby arrived...We still have the doors to buy (6 paneled doors) and the cabinets in the kitchen to do (but that will wait until spring)...but here is a sneak peak at what it looks like thus far...

BEFORE: Mantle´╗┐

AFTER: Family Room and Foyer

We are extremely happy with how it turned out.  We did learn a lot along the way.  Use masking tape on laminate floors and don't bother taking off the quarter round.  Use moving tape to cover carpet.  Use a putty knife to scrape excess paint away from laminate floors.  Use nice paint (ours was pro classic from Sherwin Williams Pearly White) and do 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint.  Remember it is okay to live in chaos (I had to really get over that one as my house was in pieces for a few weeks).  We started upstairs and worked our way to the main level.  We were happy we did that because we were tired after the upstairs but had to do the downstairs because that is the main living area, if we had done downstairs 1st we might have pooped out before finishing.  We are going to use a sprayer for all the doors and cabinets (hence why that is not done yet). 

This was our last majorDIY before baby arrives - we still have an ever growing to do list but now it is more odds and ends and cleaning items - :).  Each day I check one more off the list...:)