Happy 2nd Birthday Solon Robert...

Happy Birthday Solon!

We have loved you since the moment God made you.  I was in awe of how you made my heart grow the moment I held you in my arms.  You are the sunshine in our lives and you make us smile, laugh, and thank God for his tiny blessings that come in the form of children.  You continue to amaze us with what you learn each and everyday.  You are now a full-fledged toddler, our little parrot repeating what we say.  You have a passion for all sports, from dunking the ball to playing golf at the lake.  You have an enthusiasm for life and it is contagious.  We love seeing the world through your eyes and sharing experiences with you.  You teach us so much about what is truly important in life.  You love with reckless abandon and your wonder for the world is so sweet!  We are so proud of the young man God is molding you to be.  We pray you will continue to seek HIM in all things, love like HE does, and live your life to your greatest potential whatever that may be.  We will always be your biggest fans, supporting you along the way, teaching you and disciplining you but remember it is because we LOVE YOU SO MUCH and God has entrusted us with raising you - a very humbling and mighty job!  May this next year be filled with more blessings, growth and development.  We will always love you more than you will ever know - our lives will forever be changed for the better because you are in it!  We love you buddy today and everyday :)!  May God bless and keep you over the next year!

**Okay now mommy needs a kleenex - you are growing up toooooooo fast - I cherish the days I can still hold you in my arms and kiss you without you pushing me away!