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A Few More Trips to the Zoo...

Monday, August 22, 2011
I joined a mom's playgroup early this spring and I LOVE it because they all love to go out and do things as I much as I do.  We still meet on Mondays but then generally someone offers up an idea to do another activity sometime during the week.  Many of us grabbed the Groupon offer for a $35 season pass to the zoo (great deal :) and between all of us we can get everyone in for free!  I think Solon and I have gone to the zoo atleast 8 or 9 times this summer ($11 entrance fee each time - we have totally gotten our money's worth).  Still debating whether to renew or not...it is a perfect zoo for this age!
Solon and his buddy checking out the fish...love watching their heads follow the fish around the tank!
Loved these pictures - here are ALL the boys in our group (we have 1 little girl and 1 more little boy that comes but they didn't that day).  7 boys under 3 and this is what you get...
HILARIOUS - Solon took a dive off right after this photo and the photo shoot was over!
Riding the train (maybe his favorite thing to do at the zoo)
Solon and his VERY FAVORITE animal at the zoo...the giraffe.  It does not matter when you ask him what his favorite animal is, he never waivers, he LOVES the giraffe!  Good thing they are always close and easy access to see...

We went on a Friday and the following Monday and you would never known we went so close togeher.  Solon loves the zoo and all the animals.  Like I said it is the perfect size for this age group.  We normally take a picnic and have lunch before heading home and napping the afternoon away.  He does a good job of walking with me all over!  We hope to go a few more times - our pass is good until April!
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  1. We love our zoo trips with you!! They will be even more of an adventure next year though!! :)


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