A Birthday Playdate...

Solon and I joined a Monday play group in February this year and we wanted to have them all over to celebrate Solon's birthday but with so much family joining us for his "family" party, we decided to do a Friday morning playdate too!  We served yellow cupcakes with green frosting and green grapes to go with the tractor theme.  We played pin the wheel on the tractor which was hilarious because it took about 5 seconds and then gave them their goodie bags.  We had lots of play time and talk time for the moms!  It worked out great and Solon was blessed with some nice gifts!
The Cupcake display (all 8 boys licked the frosting of and only 2 ate the cupcake :)
Pin the Wheel on the Tractor
The Birthday Boy
Opening Gifts (that is hard when you are 2 because all the boys wanted to play with the toys right away and Solon was a little protective over his brand-new toys.  Needless to say we have been working hard to share toys...I think it will be a never-ending lesson :)