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The Belly Project: 37 weeks and counting...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Size of baby: About 6 lbs. and about 19 inches long

Baby's Resting HR: 144 (last week) and 147 (this week)
Total Weight Gain: 21 lbs
Maternity Clothes: YES! and the shirts are getting a TAD short :) and so are the bands on the pants
Gender: I am SO confused - people are almost 50/50 - the gender predictors unanimously agree girl - given I have faster growing hair, craving veggies (um tomato - yes!), lots of nausea, etc. etc.  I guess 2.5 weeks from now we will know!
Movement: still pretty active especially when I have a chance to sit so nap time for Solon in the afternoon and generally from 8-10PM after Solon goes to bed - it more shoves, elbows, and pushes from the inside out - I feel like one of these days my belly is just going to pop from the pressure of baby's pushing out...the baby has frequent hiccups at this point too :)
Sleep: pretty good - getting up at either 3 AM to use the restroom or 5AM - never fails I look at the clock and it is one of those times...the body pillow is a life saver but rolling over is incredibly uncomfortable - who knew!  I do get insanely uncomfortable charlie horses in my legs at night and I have to rub them out as my legs are straight up in the air (thank goodness Scott is sleeping so he does not have to witness that).
Cravings: not into snacking much but do still LOVE tomatoes, fruits are really yummy and this week I have been eating leftover birthday cake which has been delicious with a big glass of milk (trying to drink it as much now as I can because I am going to give it up right away this time as it gave Solon such horrible belly trouble - don't even want to go there)  Need a little caffeine to help get me through my afternoon slump :)
Symptoms: pressure, going to the bathroom every 5 seconds, belly button still not popped but I can see the end :), itchy palms????, constantly thirsty, back pain, uncomfortable to sit in any one position for long, hard to stand for long periods, just feeling lethargic (have to sit between chores and rest :), getting a little more uncomfortable to hold Solon (we are working hard on holding hands in parking lots and across streets, as he will be walking more when baby arrives and I have to carry the car seat), braxton hicks
Exercise: So to be honest this is going downhill fast - I just have no energy between chasing after Solon and my daily jobs around the house and it has been HOT again - hopefully with the cooler weather we can do more evening walks, I still go to zumba 1 time per week because it is so much fun!  I have to put my gym membership on hold for a few weeks....
What I miss: energy, feeling normal - very hormonal, bending over easily, carrying Solon, sleeping well at night...

What I love: thinking of what this little baby will be like, filling out the baby book and 1st year calendar and prepping everything for the hospital :)
A few additional things I don't want to forget:
  • Spending these last few weeks of just being a mommy to Solon - this time is so different, I am not as anxious to go into labor - I am enjoying my snuggle, giggle and love time with just him.  I have not wished away this pregnancy because it means he is that much older too - I have truly enjoyed my time more than the 1st time around and am much much calmer this time
  • Scott told me last night my emotions have been so much better this time - he couldn't believe I only had one slightly snarky-crabby night so far.  I have to say I feel much less hormonal than last time but I have also prayed and been open with God about all my fears, concerns and needs - and he has blessed me beyond measure with his grace and peace
  • A great "sprinkle" hosted by my sweet church friends.  They chipped in and got a Target gift card for baby essentials and we had 2.5 hours of blissful mommy night out time - it was PERFECT :)
  • Looking at the ultrasound picture with Scott and pondering over whether that is a girl face or a boy face - do its features look feminine or masculine?
  • Preparing the baby's nursery and getting out those tiny little diapers (boy newborn diapers are pricey but so worth it)
  • Wondering if it is my hips and butt that have grown more or my belly - sorry men but my undies just don't fit the same :)
  • A great OB and staff that I am truly going to miss - I felt that same last time.  I spend A LOT of time with them since I go for all those NSTs and they are truly the sweetest, kindest people - I will miss our fun conversations about crafting, crazy hospital reports (they delivered 42 babies in 48 hours last week) and my doctor today came and got me himself instead of his nurses...they are in it for all the right reasons :)
  • The phone calls and questions about "how are you feeling?" and "anyday now?" - just have to smile and say I feel great (besides this watermelon in between my legs :) and yes any day!
  • Anticipating God's abundance of love he will place in my heart for this 2nd child but just like every other mom the guilt that I won't be the same parent to Solon...I know most of us have siblings and we don't cheated of our parent's love and SOlon will be no different but that mom's guilt is strong :)
  • Friends going through this with me who reassure me my feelings are normal....
  • Anticipating labor again - and so thankful God answered my prayer and I don't have to go in the night before for cervidil since I am already progressed to 2.5 cm and 50% effaced (AMEN!!!!)
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  1. Okay so I think that so much of this I could just copy and post to out blog!! I am so right there with you, well 6 weeks behind you! :) I am so excited for you! I hope this last 2 weeks is restful and you are able to just enjoy it!!


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