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The Belly Project: 35 weeks (and a little more) and counting...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
35 Weeks (with proud big brother who loves to get his picture taken with mommy!)

Size of baby:  According to our ultrasound baby weighs 5 lbs. 7 oz. measuring in the 35th percentile and approximate weight at birth is 7 lbs 5 oz - 7 lbs. 14 oz.  (just a tad larger than Solon)
Total Weight Gain: 21 lbs (I have to say it is mostly due to nausea that I have not gained weight in the last 2 weeks, but baby has so that is all that matters...
Maternity Clothes: YES! now hi-jacking some of Scott's shirts for PJ wear so I am comfy at night, a few maternity tops are just a tad too tight now to wear...
Gender: so thinking girl (Scott is all in) I have to be honest I am scared to guess because I was WAY wrong with Solon...but I found a OH SO CUTE newborn tutu at Target today and bought it (if nothing else I got to buy it and pretend for 3 weeks - it is YUMMY!!!!)
Movement: starting to sleep a little more so still active after each meal and right before bed - more pushing/nudging than kicking now as my belly is ROCK HARD and it has little space to move these days...I am feeling some movement WAY DOWN LOW too - weird!!!
Sleep: pretty good - getting up once to go to the bathroom and back to a couple of power naps during the week - it might be the extreme heat though too!

Cravings: nothing - I have been REALLY nauseated lately so just kind of eating whatever - I guess chocolate milkshakes and oreos though :)
Symptoms: OUCHY braxton hicks off and on especially after working out or while walking, it is pretty painful to roll over at night while sleeping now,  and constant feeling of using the restroom, almost daily nausea - yes seriously I am almost 36 weeks :(  Can't lay on back without getting really sick because baby is laying on that major vein (nearly passed out at the dentist the other day), hormonal **Yep I cried about something really silly tonight, clumsiness - fell down the garage stairs (baby and I are fine!)

Exercise: Gym 2 times per week for weight lifting, cardio, zumba and yoga! Doing more and more walking...but the contractions are getting ouchy after work out so I am taking it just a tad easier these days

What I miss: energy, feeling normal - very hormonal, sleeping well at night...
What I love: watching Solon watch the "baby tv" in awe, watching my belly go wild, hiccups in the womb, shopping for all things teeny-tiny, talking about baby names and their meanings, sharing this experience with so many other prego friends...
2 comments on "The Belly Project: 35 weeks (and a little more) and counting..."
  1. I am getting so excited to meet your little one!! I know God will bless your family so much through another child!! It is all so soon!!

  2. I asked my Midwife about the "way down low" kicking and she said because the head is down, basically they are little pounding fists and elbows up by the face. It's very repetitive and stance but I am getting that, too! I can't believe the baby will be here so soon. Keep us posted!


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