A Beautiful Wedding...

Centerpieces on the tables

My friend Meghan from college got married in KC and it was a beautiful wedding.  Perfectly organized with every detail thought of - it was so wonderful to see her so happy!
The cupcake table - tiny cupcakes - yum!
They also had food stations set-up around the room including gourmet mac n'cheese, Asian noodles in Chinese to-go boxes, beef tenderloin sandwiches, etc.  It was all very yummy!
The Bride and Groom...
Me, Meghan, and Jenny - we all went to Rome together to teach.  Meg, Jenny and I were in education together...Meg is the only one with a waist at the moment...Jenny was 27 weeks and I was 33 weeks prego.  So glad we could see Meg's special day and catch up with good friends!