2 Year Doctor Check-up...

We have a healthy happy 2 year old!

He weighs in at 27 lbs (40th percentile)
He is 34.5 inches tall (40th percentile)
His head circumference is in the 73rd percentile
Ear tubes have fallen out and does not appear we need to put new ones in - yay!
Droopy eye is not causing vision problems so no surgery needed for now

What is Solon up to these days?
We love him so much and he challenges us to to seek God in our parenting, increase our patience and empathy and realize the mighty task of raising a Godly man God has entrusted us with.  He is so sweet, loves to read, snuggle, and have tickle parties before bed.  He is very silly and makes us laugh so hard sometimes!  He has a love and curiousity for life and it is so fun to be with him experiencing new things.   We look forward to more milestones in the coming year as he grows into who God has planned him to be.