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2 Year Doctor Check-up...

Thursday, August 18, 2011
We have a healthy happy 2 year old!

He weighs in at 27 lbs (40th percentile)
He is 34.5 inches tall (40th percentile)
His head circumference is in the 73rd percentile
Ear tubes have fallen out and does not appear we need to put new ones in - yay!
Droopy eye is not causing vision problems so no surgery needed for now

What is Solon up to these days?
  • He loves all things sports - basketball, baseball, football, swimming, running...(you get the idea).  We play lots and lots of sports during our day and Daddy and Solon play "tackle" football in the evenings!
  • Solon now sings along to songs - it is so cute and hilarious
  • Solon loves to dance and shake his booty for dance parties around the house
  • He loves to help with daily tasks like laundry, making the bed, sweeping, etc.
  • He can jump and loves to jump to the song "Jump Around" - he is ready for football season!
  • He is a good eater - still especially loves strawberries, bagels, and his new love is "birthday cake"
  • He takes 1 nap from about 12:45-3:15 (2.5 hours - 3 hours) and goes to bed at 8:15ish after prayer and songs and then wakes up around 7:15 am. 
  • He is using lots of 2-3 word phrases and is able to communicate almost everything to us...
  • He is a parrot - he repeats EVERYTHING we say - we have to be careful these days
  • He likes to watch "we-we" or TV and still loves choo-choos but also likes other shows too (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Seseme Street and Yo Gabba Gabba)
  • He switched to skim milk and actually drinks more milk now
  • He LOVES to play outside and swim in his pool - goes down the slide, jump in and splash
  • He is very particular about cleanliness (like his mama) - needs a napkin at meal times and will pick little floaties out of the pool water with a strainer - yep totally my child!
  • His favorite word is "NO" and boy is that frustrating for his mom and dad - we have instituted discipline and working to correct this before baby arrives but I have a feeling it is the age :) HA!
  • We are also working on listening and obedience as the other day he ran away from me in the parking lot - you can imagine a 9 month pregnant woman chasing after a kid with a devilish-grin - lots or prayer and deep breaths on that one...
  • We are also working on sharing
  • He is generally easy going and relaxed but does have an opinion these days!
  • Shares prayer requests at bedtime - generally grandparents, friends and his stuffed animals :)
  • Likes to count (not sure if he gets the concept of 1 to 1 correspondence) but counts starting with 2 and occasionally skipping 4 but can count to 9
  • LOVES to read and snuggle on in for several books
  • Starting to play independently and use his imagination
  • Love to hang out with his friends
We love him so much and he challenges us to to seek God in our parenting, increase our patience and empathy and realize the mighty task of raising a Godly man God has entrusted us with.  He is so sweet, loves to read, snuggle, and have tickle parties before bed.  He is very silly and makes us laugh so hard sometimes!  He has a love and curiousity for life and it is so fun to be with him experiencing new things.   We look forward to more milestones in the coming year as he grows into who God has planned him to be.
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  1. Glad he is so healthy. The trim looks amazing. Makes me want to do ours but we will see. Hope you are having a great bday today too! Thinking of you!


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