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My Little Chef...

Sunday, July 24, 2011
So another way to avoid the CONSTANT heat was to have Solon help me make a cake for our Monday playgroup we were hosting!  It is the yummiest and EASIEST cake in the world - a cake mix made to back instructions and a bag of chocolate chips - place in a bundt pan and cook for recommended time and then when cooled flip out of pan and sift powdered sugar on top - it is a fan favorite every time!  Solon is a good helper in the kitchen now despite his short stature!  He especially loved making sure the chocolate chips were good enough to cook with (ie taste-testing :).  He placed each chocolate chip in 1 by 1 until I finally showed him how to "dump" the bag in.  Don't you love his little apron - Scott and I have matching ones too!
Cy was very curious but she didn't get any - silly, chocolate is not for dogs!!!
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