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Mineahaha Falls...

Sunday, July 17, 2011
My parents have now lived in Minneapolis for 4 years - time to start exploring the "sights"...Mineahaha Falls is one of them...a great park and pretty falls great for pictures!  It was warm but fun!
Grandpa, Solon and Grandma...
The Family
Solon posed like this and said "cheese" - doesn't it look like a senior photo?  Just love him...
Next time we will have to try the yummy seafood restaurant there - it looked yummy!
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  1. Hey Erin - just saw your blog listed on Kelly's sidebar and I saw the Minnehaha Falls title....so I had to check out the post/blog. First off, congrats on baby number 2. Very exciting. Jeff and I live up in the cities, and LOVE it. SeaSaltEatery, the seafood restaurant you referenced, is great. You should definitely try it out next time you visit. Hope all is well!

    ~Annie Peterson (Stephan)

    p.s. I am only a week behind you (30 weeks) with our first. A boy!


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