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How to stay cool in the EXTREME heat...

Saturday, July 23, 2011
...Go to the pool!!!
With heat indices in the 100's+, there is not much you can do outside without getting overheated...Scott and Solon went over to let our neighborhood dogs and were outside for maybe 15 minutes and both came home dripping wet and red in the face - popsicles were in order and some water!  Since it is so sunny and summery and you wait all year for these days we just decided we would spend the afternoon in the pool.  It was actually not horribly busy but I think 99% of the people at the pool were in it at ALL times even the people that came without kids.  Solon especially loved the curly slide that he could go on with Daddy.  (Scott took him over and over and over again).  He also thought the straight slide was pretty good and mommy could take him down that so daddy could get a rest!  Luckily we had shade for the pool breaks but oh my goodness our car was HOT when we left and we had to wait for Solon's seat buckles to cool a bit so he would not get burned (that has never happened before)....

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