Bon Voyage Malin Family...

Although we are EXTREMELY bummed that our favorite neice and nephew and family are moving to Australia - we know they have so many exciting memories to make there.  It was exactly 20 years to the date that I made the move to Switzerland as a little girl - brings back lots of memories for me as well!  They are going to have the time of their lives and we hope to travel there as a family soon to visit!!!  We helped wish them farewell as they flew out of Des Moines!
Uncle Scott and the kiddos at the pool!
The Cousins - Solon absolutely ADORES them - it was so much fun to watch them love on each other!!!
So cute - they did this themselves and went on a walk :)
The Clan helping with the luggage at the airport
Raquel and Me (this makes me sad - I LOVE her so much - I am so lucky to have gained a sister and best friend when I married Scott).  Good thing we can talk A LOT!!!!
Our 2 Families - the next time we see each other the baby will have arrived...
Lots of hugs for these 2...

We miss you already Malin's but can't wait to hear all about your adventures!  WE LOVE YOU!!!!