The Belly Project: 32 weeks and counting...

Size of baby: According to our ultrasound, the baby is measuring in the 40th percentile and currently weighs 3 lbs. 11 oz.  The doctor said the baby's legs are measuring at the high end of the scale meaning this one is going to carry after his/her father from the get go! She gave us an estimated birth weight of between 6 lbs. 8 oz and 7 lbs. 2 oz.  Solon was 6 lbs. 11 oz. So this baby will be about the same size or a bit bigger!  Fine by me - I DO NOT mind pushing out small babies!!!   Baby made its move to head down and ready for departure but is happy and incubating nicely in the womb.  All measurements are looking good including fluids and blood flow from placenta - we are so thankful to God for his faithfulness. 

Total Weight Gain: 18.5 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: YES!  shorts and tank tops - thank you - too hot for any capris...
Gender: boy - kept being pulled to the boy section for clothing (or is that just where I feel comfy now - I did buy some WAY CUTE girlie stuff though just in case!)

Movement: Okay so this little one is BUSY - I am a little nervous about what I am in for.  During the ultrasound the baby would not stay still for measurements and I nearly passed out from laying on my back so long, I felt horrible but told the tech I had to lay on my side - so embarrassing!  Then he/she would not stop wiggling so to the other side I went. They are BUSY, busy,busy!  I have been praying for activity from him/her - God certainly answers loud and clear.

Sleep: pretty good - getting up once to go to the bathroom and back to a couple of power naps during the week - it might be the extreme heat though too!

Cravings: tomatos and Arby's and whatever sounds good in the moment - it just comes to me!  I have to really think about what sounds good...makes cooking meals a bit tricky!
Symptoms: braxton hicks has started, lower back pain, starting to have some real pressure, and constant feeling of using the restroom, almost daily nausea - yes seriously I am 32 weeks :(

Exercise: Gym 3 times per week for weight lifting, cardio, zumba and yoga! Doing more and more walking...

What I miss: energy, normal eating habits

What I love: ultrasounds with Scott and Solon.  Solon staring in wonderment at his future brother/sister and saying hi, practicing rocking the baby and prepping the nursery!  Shopping for all things cute and little...are they really that TINY!  Seeing our little one for over an hour on the screen because he/she would not cooperate - and seeing him/her sucking their thumb in the womb.  :)