The Belly Project: 31 Weeks and Counting...

Week 31
Size of baby: 17 inches, 3 lbs 8 oz. 

Total Weight Gain: 18 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Yep and those waistbands are a little snugger than they once were :)  my larger t-shirts and lots of comfy shorts...

Gender: boy - been dreaming about a boy and have no worries about the boy name - stressed abou the girl name so thinkin' boy....

Movement: Active after lunch each day and especially in the evening when I finally sit down after Solon goes to sleep, kicking my ribs and can feel the little feet and have to push them down :), has had the hiccups (Scott got to feel those)

Sleep: waking up to roll over - which is getting to be more laborious and move the body pillow around...sleeping on my side and pretty good energy considering 3rd trimester and a 2 year old :)
Cravings: still love, love, love tomatoes (they are almost a daily snack)...still not really into snacking - meals are my best friend!  Like to eat leftovers for a snack instead of snacky things :)

Symptoms: Small stomach but hungry so eat my meals in smaller doses, some pressure in the low back and down low - baby is definitely preparing to join the world :), frequent bathroom breaks, and hungry, tired after working out, hot - normally I am always cold

Exercise: Gym 3 times per week for weight lifting, cardio, zumba and yoga! The belly is starting to prohibit my routine but I remember feeling this way last time too - more frequent walking and lifting weights and less classes are in my future...Hoping to keep going but just can't quite keep up anymore :)

What I miss: Going to the bathroom only a few times daily, bending over easily to shave my legs, crossing my legs and my waist :) 

What I love: A scheduled induction of September 12, 2011, a very active baby that tells me everything is okay, good blood pressure (106/60), being able to watch my belly move around like crazy, dreaming of what this little one will bring to our family, and starting to nest in preparation - walking into an empty nursery dreaming of what it will be filled with soon enough...laying out the take home clothes and doing just a "little" shopping for him/her (everything is returnable - so who says you have to find out to go shopping - now I can buy both :)