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1st Non-Stress Test for Baby #2...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
So I can't believe we have made it to this point in the pregnancy - over 32 weeks with less than 50 days to go and just over 6 weeks - yikes!  The nesting projects have begun...did I mention we are painting all the woodwork in our house white (yes we are nuts).  Luckily we are waiting to do the cabinets until after baby comes and buying white doors so we won't be painting those!  PHEW!  Today was my first "non-stress test" or NST for short.  Given my factor 5 and the complications that can arise late in pregnancy with that condition, they begin testing you weekly at 32 weeks.  Basically I go into a small dimly lit room and watch TV for 20 minutes (pure uninterrupted bliss in a recliner) while they hook me up to a fetal monitor that measures baby's heart tones as well as measures for contractions.  Well baby put on quite a show for them today and they were very impressed with how healthy baby was.  Thank goodness.  Unfortunately, this little peanut is making its momma very NAUSEATED - oh my goodness - and I lost a pound in the last 2 weeks (uh-oh).  You are supposed to gain a pound every week so I should be up 3 lbs not down 1.  Luckily the doctor said all vitals were good and hopefully next week I will be back up.  I told her I HAVE been eating but nothing between meals - I just don't feel like it.  I guess a McDonald's shake occasionally won't hurt.  :)  The baby's heartbeat today was 175 BPM (SUPER DUPER Fast)...it was VERY active for Shannon, my favorite nurse!  She is guessing boy and she delivered Solon and was right with him so we shall see - she really wants it to be a girl and I just want it to stop making me feel sick :)!  My blood pressure and blood looked great again and baby is good size the doctor said with a nice bootie right below my right rib (yes you can feel it constantly - :)  Okay off to take a break from painting and put up my feet for a bit - and yes mom I did eat a nice healthy and substantial lunch!!!!
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