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Vacation Bible School...

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Last week our church hosted a vacation bible school (the 1st I have ever participated in :)  I was the Emcee for the week, leading opening and closing and all the songs and dances...I used the gifts God has given me and boy did I have SOOOOO much fun!  The kids were AWESOME and they taught me so much throughout the week.  The theme was Pandamania and all the music was really fun.  At 28 weeks pregnant I shook my groove thing with the best of 'em.  Solon and Scott came for the closing night to see what I had been up to - Solon might be old enough to go next year with a chaperone!  He enjoyed all the songs we practiced all week!  Below you will find a few things I learned during my week at VBS...
5 Things I learned from VBS....
5.  Using your gifts God has given you and serving him will reap huge blessings for your heart.  My heart was filled each day with his goodness as we praised Him for his awesomeness!
4.  Kids praise the Lord freely and without reservation - they would do all the actions, sing at the top of their lungs without worry of being off-key and shout AMEN whenever I wanted their attention :)
3.  When you serve with others you connect with them, form friendships, and grow a greater appreciation for your fellow congregation.  I worked with a lot of youth and other adults I didn't know before and they are gift from the Lord.
2.  Kids love you regardless of your flaws - I know I didn't sing on key, I made a few mistakes in the motions but it never failed that everyday I recieved tons of hugs and "I love you Miss Erin's" - kids are the greatest gifts God can give us and remind you of His kind of love - unconditional love!
1.  Kids love the Lord with reckless abandon and free from sinnical world views.  They don't care what others think, worry that they might be made fun of for their views but rather they share them freely with their friends.  I heard lots of kiddos say "Do you have Jesus in your heart so you can go to heaven with me?"  When do we lose that fervor and love for our Lord and Savior?  They can evangelize with the best of 'em!

Above all, everyday I prayed to be a tool for God's greater glory and one of the days I felt urged to share the gospel with the kiddos that Jesus died on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.  Kids know they make mistakes and have sin in their lives SO they totally get it :).  Then I told them that if they asked Jesus to become of a part of their life everyday and come into their hearts they could be assured JOY that only God could provide and that they would have everlasting life in heaven with our God :).  Well, a worker told me she had prayed somebody would share the gospel that same day - being obedient to the Lord and working for Him allows him to use us to do great things!  It was a blessing to further his kingdom and have a renewed love in my heart for the Lord.   I can't wait to go to VBS again next year :)!
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  1. Yay sounds like it was a wonderful week!! I am sure the kids loved it and I am so glad that you got so much out of it too!!


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