Solon's Choo-Choo-Boose Room...

Well I am not much into themes but if you know my son he LOVES trains SO Scott convinced me to give Solon his dream room - he said if he loved his new room it might make it easier.  Well he certainly LOVES his new room...
My goal was to spend less than $250 dollars on the makeover...this is how it broke down!

Vintage looking stop sign and stoplight sign 50% off at Hobby Lobby so totaled $10
5 Framed photos of trains and train stations - $18
(I reused frames I already had and took the pictures and edited them by myself - 3 5x7's and 2 8x10's)
Train Sign Decal $30 (with shipping ordered off of Etsy)
Train sheets and 1 quilted sham (my splurge) $125 Pottery Barn **but had a $75 gift card SO only $50
(I really wanted these and knew I would always be sad that I just didn't get those - I have learned from the past just to get what you really want and save in other places)
Comforter Set at Target $50 (the comforter is in closet until he is older :)
Black-out curtains and rod $30 (on sale at Target)
Paint $30
Ikea Cloud Light $15
Toy bucket $6 (Target on sale)

Total for "decorating" the room = $239 dollars....

Now I have to confess we had the bed and frame, but had to buy 1 bed rail and his dresser (from Ikea).

I love how it turned out - a little bit of me and a whole lot of what Solon LOVES!!!!