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Pool Time as a Family...

Friday, June 10, 2011
Scott has been working some long hours at work.  He is such an awesome daddy and will come home until Solon goes to bed and then go back into work and work until all hours of the night.  That small gesture means the world to Solon and me!  Well, his bosses have noticed his hard work so they gave him Friday afternoon off (YAY!) so we decided to take advantage and take a trip to the pool....Solon had a blast.  He has no fear of the water and would wade up to his chin (and then we would stop him).  He also loved the water slide and made Scott take him I think a total of 15 times.  :)  I think the pool will be a repeat family outing especially in this extreme heat :)!

Solon even wore a hat, I couldn't believe it!  Maybe he just wears ISU hats - who knows!
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