Jester Park Naturscape and BBQ...

Last weekend we went out to Jester Park as a family.  Scott and the guys played a round of golf and then met us ladies and the kiddos at the naturscape following.  We all then went and had a BBQ!  I love summer for this reason - these activities are SO much fun!!!
Solon thoroughly enjoyed the naturscape (natural wading pool complete with waterfall, fountain, rocks, tadpoles and more)
The crew enjoying a delicious meal - YUM!
This picture just makes me laugh - I took it not knowing why all the kiddos were looking at Solon upon closer inspection and cropping I notice that my child has his tongue out and they are all staring at him!!!
Tackling one another in the grass...what fun...they spent a good 45 minutes after lunch just running around the large field...Solon took a monster 4 hour nap that afternoon - we all had a great time.  Jester Park is certainly a hidden gem just outside of Des Moines!