It's been a BIG week...

Our little boy is transitioning from a little boy to a BIG boy....

We have been transitioning 2 HUGE things for Solon this week - no more pacifiers and sleeping in a big boy bed....let me review the week for you!

Last Thursday night, Solon decided he was ready to sleep in his "choo-choo-boose" room aka big boy room and so we spent about 45 minutes laying with him after prayer time until he fell asleep...he slept fine until 7 am the next day.  We cheered for him wildly at his door the next morning congratulating him on his BIG accomplishment - he threw his hands up in the air and said "YEAH!". 

Friday night, rolled out very similiarly except at about 2AM he lost his pacifier in his bed and woke up. Scott went in to console him but he struggled to go back to sleep on his own :(.  But again he slept until about 7am...more cheering followed!

Saturday night, we decided to let him try going to bed on his own.  There were some serious tears and needless to say Solon fell asleep next to his door and mommy moved him to his bed later on in the evening.  Unfortunately, he lost his paci in the night again that night and would not go back to sleep and mommy ended up falling asleep in his bed until the next morning :(...Then this is when we decided something had to give....

Scott and I had a pow-wow during Solon's nap time on Sunday and decided maybe it was time (deep breaths for mommy) to give up the pacifier.  I have to say, this was one of those things, I was REALLY dreading.  It has been my saving grace in many situations like crabbiness in the car, grocery store and out to eat, etc, etc, etc :)....BUT knowing it was the best and right thing to do for Solon SO I agreed.  Let me just tell you I think I prayed about a million times that God would help Solon and me get through this - and HE answers prayers!!!!!!

Sunday night, we put Solon in his bed and he cried for about 20 minutes and then fell fast asleep - did not get up once in the night and slept until 7:30 am Monday morning (Thank you Jesus - what an answer to prayer!).  Now the trick was making it through a whole day without the paci - we went to the grocery store and he helped load things in the cart, checked out the coupons, chatted with the meat guys and we had a successful trip to the store without paci - he got a lot of praise and we prayed to Thank Jesus for answering mommy's prayers....Solon has asked a couple of times for his "night-night" especially when he is bored or crabby but I have successfully been able to change the subject or distract him - Hallelujah!  We are going on Day #4 and I think pacis are a thing of the past - YAY!  God answers even the smallest of prayers - AMEN!

Okay so back to sleep - Tuesday night we put him to bed and he cried for 4 minutes (just long enough for me to do something and notice he wasn't crying)....then Wednesday nap he cried until I closed the door and then he was done (stinker is trying to pull on mommy's heart strings)...Needless to say I think we have made it through the roughest moments and are coming out on the other side - Hallelujah!  I seriously have prayed a million times VERY specifically for sleeping in bed without a paci and happily - we are nearly there!

Sometimes in parenthood there are some really tough battles - some may not think this is one of them but when your child cries out for you and you do not run to their rescue your heart literally feels like it is going to come out of your chest and break in two - it is against everything in your nature!  I am sure that is just how God feels when he is teaching us and we are crying out to him - he meanwhile is still loving us, watching over us and guiding us and never forsakes us.  Remember the old phrase "This is much harder on me as a parent than you" - I totally understand that now.  It is tough work being a parent but I wouldn't trade it for the world and I rejoice in the tiny blessings as Solon grows and it feels so good to accomplish this next step for him!

...AND he seems to have survived?  What do you think?