Enjoying Memorial Day Weekend at the Lake (Grandma's Pictures)...

Friday, June 3, 2011
 We had another great weekend at the "new" lake cabin.  Most of the summer toys were out.  Solon, especially, loved driving and riding in the boat.
...and as always he took a little snooze on our "real estate" happy hour tour!  We love driving around looking at other lake houses...
Solon took in his first jet ski ride with daddy in the dock area with daddy!
Playing on the shore with Cy.  The water is way up so the beach is a little small but that didn't stop Solon and Cy. Cy was exhausted from all the swimming and rock-retrieving she did all weekend!  The weather was chilly but it felt good in the warm weather!
Taking a little tube ride courtesy of Grandpa Wetherbee (he pushed us out and pulled us in a million times).  Solon really enjoyed it - next time we will try a slow ride behind the boat (for Solon, not mommy).
Grandma and Grandpa have a "dinner bell" and Solon loves to ring it to let everyone know it is time to eat.  We ate almost all of our meals outside - there were not many mosquitos yet luckily.  Nothing like eating a grilled meal outdoors...
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