A day on the farm....more fun...

We were so excited when our friends invited us to their family farm for our friends' birthday.  I knew Solon would be pumped to see all the tractors and farm equipment and of course hang out with his best buddy as he calls him "Nani".  The highlight for me was the combine driving but we also did lots of other fun things too!
A barn emptied by E's Opa was a great place to drive the power wheels - he has a "po-po car" with real working lights...Solon enjoyed chilling as a rider - not his arm position - HILARIOUS!!!
Then he drove his tractor - they had the occasional crash but loved doing circles in the large open space!  Rain is not an issue when you have a brand new barn to play in :)

And in true grandparent style - they didn't want the kids to miss out on swimming because of the rain so they brought a kiddie pool into their hot tub room so the kids could swim - it was like being at a hotel - the water was warm and the kids had a blast :)
The BIG boys enjoyed the hot tub during nap time and we all had a great time eating and lounging and catching up - what a fun day for everyone!