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Check that off my bucket list...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
For those of you that know me - you know I am a city girl and often say I am a southern belle trapped in a midwestern body :).  I have ALWAYS wanted to drive one of these puppies and I finally did it!  It was so much easier to drive than I thought but our friend Mickey (his family farm) assured me it takes much more skill to actually do it in the field and harvest the corn...guess I will have to go back and check that out!

First Scott, Solon, Mickey and Evan took it for a spin...
Solon loved it almost as much as me....
Thought this picture showed the size of the combine well - they are HUGE!!!! When you are inside the window goes from floor to ceiling helping you guide the combine down the rows of corn (well that is what I am guessing - just call me your resident combine guru now :)

Mickey took Solon and I out next and showed me the ropes before I hopped into the driver's seat...

He didn't tell me how to stop and as I pulled back up to the barn I was a little nervous but luckily years of driving a boat with a throddle came in handy :)  A special thanks to our friends The Kinzenbaw's who graciously invited us out to the family farm in Iowa County for the day!  We had a great time despite the rainy weather....we will definitely go back for harvest sometime but maybe not this year **wink, wink!!!

This might make the Christmas card...the perks of living in Iowa (yep I said it!!!)
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