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The Belly Project: 27 Weeks and Counting...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

(Um so I must really compensate when I hold Solon - my belly bump looks gynormous compared to the above photo :)
Size of baby: 15 inches, 1 lb. 10 ounces (approx.)  Their shin is about the size of my ring finger for a visual

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 14.5 lbs. (someone had a growth spurt - ha ha!)

Maternity Clothes: Fitted maternity tops, maternity bottoms, and comfy clothes - I am down to about 3 pairs of gym shorts that fit comfortably and about 7 t-shirts that don't show skin when I raise up my hands ;)

Gender:  girl - but your guess is as good as mine...don't ask me why girl now - I don't know!

Movement: Active around 3 each day and especially in the evening until I go to sleep, kicking LOW this week, must have moved around a bit...

Sleep: TIRED - almost to the 3rd trimester and I can feel the 3rd trimester sluggishness coming on :)  Back to almost daily naps and if I don't take a nap I go to bed at 9pm!  I wake up once to go to the bathroom...
Cravings: still love, love, love tomatoes (they are almost a daily snack)...also I will pick something out that I think sounds good for the week at the store and the next day that choice doesn't sound so good...still not really into snacking - meals are my best friend!

Symptoms: Starting that point where my eyes are bigger than my stomach - starving but get so full it hurts after not very much food (and I always forget my leftovers in the car - silly prego brain :) Tiredness, a tad crabby at times, thirsty, and started having some braxton hicks this week when walking or working out.  Heartburn is better this week thank goodness!!!!

Exercise: Gym 3 times per week for weight lifting, cardio, zumba and yoga! Gave up mowing because of extreme heat, and I think I am going to have to skip the intense cardio classes I just get too too hot during them - guess it is time to go to the cardio deck (aka the elliptical and treadmil area).  Still like to do zumba, weight lifting and yoga though...

What I miss: Going to the bathroom only a few times daily :)

What I love: Good doctor reports and sharing this pregnancy with so many good friends who are also pregnant, love being prego with others :),  Solon kissing the baby on his own, thinking of what this little one will be like and what God has planned for them :)  Imagining our family of 4 (which also boggles my mind :)
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