5 Years Later....

Wedding Day - June 17, 2006
Christmas 2007
Cruise 2008
Las Vegas 2008
 Easter 2009
 1st ISU Football Game 2009
Christmas 2010
Easter 2011

Wow!  5 Years Later....buying a house, 1 masters degree, passing the PE, going from a family of 2 to 3 to 4, adding a dog, going from 2 careers to 1, serving the Lord, loving one another, growing together....WOW!  God has certainly blessed us!  I love you so much hunny and am so glad you chose me to spend your life with!  Looking forward to date night where we can enjoy a quiet meal just the 2 of us! We have so much to look forward to and certainly more growing to do  but I can't imagine going through life with anyone but YOU!  May God continue to bless our journey together!

Happy 5 Year Anniversary!