The Wedding Ceremony and Reception...

Friday, May 6, 2011
Here comes the bride...
Exchanging Vows...they were both crying - so sweet!
The proud parents looking on (and Grace doing a great job in her role)
Solon decided to abdicate his duties and remain cuddled next to Daddy...there were strong storms happening and we were outside on the porch...hail was flying in while the ceremony was happening...enough to scare any little kiddo!
Solon was done at this point (with no nap)...but we had to capture a family photo!
The Family Reception...we had our own private dining room which was great for the kiddos and we were all at 1 large table...
The cake (I decorate it - my 1st time decorating luckily there was a picture so I could follow along)

We were all done about 7 and had a sparkler send-off.  Mine backfired and shot on to my hand burning it...what a way to end the evening!  Luckily no one knew until we sent the bride and groom off to their evening alone!  What a busy day - we were all exhausted!
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