The Belly Project: 24 weeks and counting...

24 Weeks

Size of baby: 13 inches, 1 lb. 5 ounces

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 9.5 lbs. (so where did that other 8 lbs go - I have a good guess :)

Maternity Clothes: bottoms for sure, have to wear my bigger t-shirts for working out and some fitted maternity tops for length :)  But in the awkward stage for shirts that most maternity tops still look funny but my normal tops are too small - limits my wardrobe to about 4 tops (luckily I can wear comfys most of the time)

Gender: still thinking boy...yep pretty sure a boy (and now I am in the "I don't like the name we picked out" mode for both girl and boy - Scott told me to stay strong as he loves both names still)

Movement: noticing trends, generally active when Scott's alarm wakes it up (no joke), especially active after meals, and around 4 pm and around bedtime...When it is active, I think it is doing flips and high kicks - wow this kid has got some serious moves :) Does not like when I hunch over too long - and will kick me hard to tell me to stop squishing him/her :)

Sleep: normal except for the really crazy and random dreams I am having...getting up 1 time per night to restroom and get more water - super thirsty at night too!

Cravings: last time I posted it was the potato, this week that is not the case....I am on to eating tons of those little red grape tomatos with a little bit of season salt on top - I had them as a late night snack last night (note if you eat too many tomatos - your body has a hard time digesting them - enough said), strawberries are very tasty, hate snacking - nothing snacky tastes or sounds good - except for tomatos and regular meal type foods :)

Symptoms: So there is a reason you are supposed to take your vitamins everyday, I had forgotten a couple of days and got a major headache from being deficient - one day on the couch as a stay at home mom with a 21 month old and you don't forget your vitamins again - Luckily Solon was a very good boy!  Heartburn, frequent trips to the bathroom (difficult when you are in public with a 21 month old :), thirsty all the time...

Exercise: Going to the gym 3 (unless not feeling well :) times per week for weight lifting, cardio, zumba and yoga! Walking outside with the family in the evenings as well as mowing the lawn (and might I add our self-propelled mower does not self-propel, I push it by myself- thank you)...

What I miss:  Solon sitting comfortably in my lap and bending over to pick up his toys is now more like a squat, going out in public with Solon and not having to use the restroom at every store we stop at :) 

What I love:  the miracle of watching this little one grow and already loving him/her so so much - and knowing that love will only intensify the moment we meet face to face - counting our blessings all 20 fingers and 20 toes (Solon + Baby for those of you curious about my math :)