Almost 24 Weeks and Healthy Baby....

Baby #2 is laying on the right side of my belly with head down and legs across the top of my uterus and kicking me just below my ribs on the left side (if you remember Solon also liked that spot and bruised my ribs at 36 weeks - hopefully they are not 2 peas in a pod :)
The baby is starting to get a little tight in the womb and knees are starting to curl up toward the body...I think this baby's nose looks a lot like Solon's...I can already see similarities between the 2 - what a miracle from God!
This little baby has Solon and Scott's legs...all curled up!
The baby was really playing with his/her hands while we had the ultrasound and had them together by their face for this picture...

A few other fun facts from today:
Heartrate: 135 bpm (so much lower than Solon's 165)
Baby's Weight: 1 lb. 5 oz.
Baby's Height: 12-13 inches
Due Date: September 17, 2011 (with induction still around the 11th :)

Baby is progressing well and all organs checked out in tip-top shape today.  My blood pressure was picture perfect and all looks good with my blood.  We will go back for another ultrasound in just 4 weeks...Praise God for his blessing of a healthy baby and mom!  We are so thankful for his faithfulness and provisions!