A trip to the new lake cabin...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
We went to the new "Camp Wetherbee" cabin on Lake Waconia.  It is located about 20 minutes west of 494 on the west side of Minneapolis.  The drive time to "the lake" is now 3 hours and 45 minutes vs. the old trip which took about 7.5 hours!  Yes, I would say much nicer.  We didn't even have to stop once to or from - AWESOME!  The cabin is undergoing some renovations but it is great.  The view was beautiful and we got to enjoy some of the year-round benefits!
Breakfast with grandma and grandpa...
Checking out the new stairs with grandpa...the "bunk room" and Solon's room are upstairs.  Grandma's office/spare room and the master bedroom are downstairs.  There are also 3 bathrooms - an addition of 1 over the old cabin and bathrooms are essential at a lake cabin!!!
There is a putting green in the backyard.  Not something my parents would have put in or "needed" but Solon was a huge fan (that might even be an understatement).  He loved the sand trap and the flags!  He played on that green for HOURS!  The weather was very spring-like despite the ice on the lake...
We had to put the bed together and then of course Solon had to jump on it with all of the fam.  We caught a quick photo...(from left to right Casen, Chris, Alex, Solon, Grandma, Erin and Scott).  Alex and Casen are like my brothers.  We spend a lot of time together!  Alex graduates in May and Scott and I won't be able to attend due to his brother's wedding so we celebrated his accomplishment while we were there!

On Sunday, we ate outside for the 1st time for the season.  We grilled hot dogs - they always test better on the grill and outside.  We love to eat outside at the lake...

Next time we will hopefully be able to get in the lake.  In 8 short weeks the ice will be gone and boating season will be in full-swing.  Solon is looking forward to playing on the sand beach in addition to his putting green playing.  Scott can't wait to hop in the hot tub (I will have to wait until October :)

We give the new cabin 2 thumbs up - :)
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