Let the adventure begin...Wedding Trip Day 1

Traveling with children is always an adventure.  I have a new admiration for my parents and the many miles we put on our family station wagon and later van.  Solon is an "okay" traveler by car.  We started the morning off with Solon seeing the suitcases, pointing to the sky, and saying "airplane?".  As much as I wish we could travel everywhere by plane I had to tell him that this trip must be done by car!  As we rolled out of the driveway just 15 minutes late, we felt pretty good about our preparation and pending trip.  We traveled south on I35 to Kansas City where we stopped at Taco Bell.  Solon doing well, watching DVD's and pointing out different sites along the route.  Although, if you have ever driven off interstate in Missouri, our trip soon took a few more turns and hills for the worse.  Much to my husband's civil engineering dismay, Missouri DOT just plops the road to and fro without grading.  About 30 minutes before our arrival to Eureka Springs, Solon start crying bloody murder and then proceeded to projectile vomit, not once but twice.  Did I mention that Missouri does not believe in extra concrete on the side of the road, so fortunately there was a gravel driveway close by.  Scott quickly grabbed Solon, not without gagging, as I stripped him down to his diaper as cars are whizzing past us probably wondering what on Earth we were doing.  I then proceeded to use about 100 wet wipes to "clean" the vomit from seats, windows, buckles and about every object within 5 feet of Solon.  Scott and Solon, meanwhile took a walk to get some fresh air. 

Soon we were on the road again and luckily it was warm enough we could have the windows down to air out the lovely smell of baby wipe and puke!  To conclude day 1 and upon arrival we found out the place we were staying at had a 50% grade gravel and rock hair-pin turn driveway that made my knuckles white and caused a little issue when my in-laws showed up with their u-haul trailer.  Scott will forever have visions of his father chasing after oranges halfway up the driveway unloading the trailer as it was stuck and would not move.  Just the beginning to our noteworthy weekend in Eureka Springs, slightly under-rated as the springs became mor like large rivers by the end of the trip.