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A few more signs Solon is growing up...

Thursday, April 21, 2011
Well, these are just a few more signs that Solon is growing up and tranistioning into all things "boy" and not "baby".  I posted before, that he now just sits in a booster and eats at the table with us.  He sits at the head of the table and especially enjoys being in the middle of Scott and I.  He also often leads our meal-time prayer and prays for special people at bedtime before we pray!  We are starting to clean out his room for the "big switch" and took 5 tubs of clothes downstairs until we need them again (in 4 months??? - we shall see!).  I have just had an open bin in his closet and as he outgrows things I just throw it in there.  So there is a bin for each size.  We picked out his big boy room theme and I picked up his sheets at Pottery Barn Kids this weekend.  We are going with a "train" theme.  Solon was so excited about his new sheets.  We have a lot of work to do to get his big boy room ready including painting and building his new Ikea dresser and since he sleeps so well in his crib, we will probably not transition him until late July around his 2nd birthday! We will post pictures with the progress at some point!

We are off to Arkansas for Easter weekend to celebrate Scott's brother's wedding.  Solon will be a ring bearer for the 1st time.  One more sign he is growing up...
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