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Feeding the "Gucks"...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Now that the spring weather has arrived (or mostly arrived :)  the ducks have migrated back and enjoy eating bread...I am not sure these ducks even know how to gather food independently but they sure do know how to come when they see bread being thrown.  They are very friendly and Solon loves to feed them leftover stale bread...unfortunately his throw is a little short and we have to move back as the ducks come up on to the bank to eat his bread.  I quickly throw bread into the pond so they skidaddle before I have to pick Solon up and run!!!!  He, of course, has no fear and giggles with glee as he feeds them!

He was telling me about the "gucks" as he refers to them...but love the shirt he is wearing!!!  We will have to accumulate some more bread so we can go back and feed the ducks soon.  We only last about 2-4 pieces!!!
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