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Almost 18 weeks...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
17 weeks 4 days

Highlights from the last 2 weeks:
  • Today we went to see the OB for our regular visit and everything is continuing to progress normally.  Baby's heartrate is 145 and he/she is seated very low (not surprising given the frequent trips I make to the ladies room :)
  • Gained 8 lbs. thus far in the pregnancy (never easy to watch that scale go up (but I know it comes off afterward)
  • Continuing to exercise by walking or taking classes (including yoga, zumba, and cardio).
  • Got sunburnt yesterday because I forgot when you are pregnant you are extra sensitive to sunlight (won't make that mistake again).
  • Have felt some real kicks not just weird movement down there.  The baby is especially awake after meals and right before bed.  Probably because it is the only time I sit still long enough with a 20 month old to chase after.
  • A few minor cases of nausea right away in the morning but normally goes away because I am preoccupied with some activity.
  • Especially enjoying meals and my appetite has increased with that feeling of I have to eat NOW :)
  • Craving fruits especially apples and strawberries.  Really just enjoy a good meal, nothing snacky is really that appetizing. Also have eaten some oreos with milk the last couple of days but my cravings come and go as quickly as I think I have them figured out :). 
  • Enjoying my maternity pants and anything with elastic, still wearing mostly normal tops except for a few prego tank tops (as seen above) which are longer!
  • Painted my own toe nails for I am sure is the last time for a long time, as it was challenging enough and my belly is not that big :)
  • Using a sleeping pillow already (Scott just loves having the company of that in bed everynight)
  • Generally feeling good except for the occasional feelings of excitement to meet this baby and freak-out moments that how will my love grow instead of divide but I know if God orchestrated it all (which He did) that he has that all figured out and my heart will be just fine :)
  • Can't believe are almost half way - it is going really fast this time!!!
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  1. Thanks for the tip - Didn't know that pregnancy made you more sensitive to the sun (as I am typing this sitting on my deck on my laptop in the sun!). haha!


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