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20 months old and getting SO big...

Thursday, April 7, 2011
Our little guy is 20 months.  It is so hard to believe but he is growing up so fast.  He is learning so much and becoming such a little boy.  This is what he is up to...

  • Running everywhere
  • Playing basketball and with his trains
  • Saying lots of words (he repeats or tries to whatever we say)...his favorite word is mommy, closely followed by basketball.  He also says shoot, daddy, Cy, no-no, yes, please, thank you, turtle, puppy, poopy, night-night, bear, choo-choo, car, tractor, truck, ball, all the animal sounds, milk, string cheese, snack, cheerios, juice, fruit snack, etc.  There are more too.
  • He can answer yes and no questions
  • He loves bath time
  • He loves to swing
  • Takes 1 3 hour nap
  • Likes to watch TV (if we let him)...works great for while I am showering.  He loves the shows Chuggington, Thomas, and Zoboomafoo
  • Working on manners and saying please, thank you, bye-bye and hello
  • Loves to sing songs
  • Likes to read books especially about animals, trains, and anything with wheels
  • Loves to  go to storytime, playgroup, church nursery and to the park
  • He dislikes riding in the car for long periods of time
  • He tells you when he is pooping - lovely huh? 
  • He giggles when you tickle him
  • He still lets me kiss him and love him A LOT
  • He likes to cuddle during night time prayer (I love it!)
  • Sleeps from 8:15-7:30 most days!
  • He is definitely a toddler and has an opinion and has been to time-out a time or two
  • He follows directions really well like bring me your shoes, give Cy a treat, go to the table for dinner, etc
He is a joy to watch grow.  We love him more than we thought possible and our love continues to grow for him.  He is going to make a fabulous big brother!  We love you Solon Robert Port!!!!
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