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Week 15 Pregnancy #2...

Monday, March 28, 2011
Highlights of this week:  FINALLY FEELING BETTER!!!!  I am so happy that my nausea is subsiding and even my heartburn (from my gallbladder) is mostly under control with my prevacid.  I think I felt the baby kick (they say it is possible - but it could have been gas bubbles in my intestines too :) 

Lowlights of this week:  Getting food poisening - yuck!  I have not been that sick in a long time, I could not keep anything down including water or my nausea medicine.  Scott took me to urgent care and they gave me a shot to help me feel better.  Drank lots of gatorade and today I am feeling better, just tired from not eating in over 24 hours. They weighed me yesterday and I had lost a pound since my last appointment a week ago (and that was with my tennis shoes on).  Don't worry my hunger has returned...

Cravings of the week:  Fareway Bakery french bread with butter - YUM!  Raw veggies and dip, and comfort food like mashed potatoes and gravy, bisquits and gravy, etc.  (those are on our menu this week).

Exercise:  Continue to work out 3 days a week taking a variety of classes including yoga, zumba, and strength training/cardio.  I am definitely taking it a little easier in these classes but still enjoy the sweat.  I miss walking outside as a family but warmer weather is on the return!

Still wearing my normal clothes except I love my belly band for my jeans and since I am home I am wearing a lot of comfy clothes too!!!

Have no idea the sex of this baby, we just call it "baby" and Solon likes to point to his belly and lift his shirt up too!  The Chinese predictor says boy...was it right with you?  It was right with me last time SO we shall see.  I have given up guessing because I was wrong with Solon and just about everyone else I know...

Next appointment is at 17 weeks (just 2 weeks away) this pregnancy is going way faster than the first, oh my goodness!

Enjoy the belly shot (sorry for my appearance, remember I am recovering from food poisening so my hair and make-up was not a top priority and it looks like some weight has already gone to my cheeks - both sets - oh my!!!)

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