Highlights of the 1st Trimester...

It is so funny, although, this is my 2nd time around being pregnant there have been many moments where I think, "I don't remember this?".  I think that is God's way of helping you want to be pregnant again (ha!). Let me just say, my body is changing in ways I never knew was possible.  Let me start by the play on words "highlights of the 1st trimester", I did go and get a highlight, this child was making my hair go dark.  I am not kidding (ask my family). My blonde hair that I have had since birth was turning a weird dirty, brassy color.  The amount of oil coming out of my hair pores is enough to bottle and use for cooking (I swear this never happened last time).  I no longer use conditioner (and have had to use it my whole life).  I also had to cut my locks because it was so wimpy!  Although, I do love my new "blonder" and short do!!  Change is good!

On top of this, people tell you round 2, you "show" a whole lot sooner.  UM YEAH!!!!  I cannot believe that my stomach is already showing a "little" bump. (see picture below) I didn't show with Solon until I was 25 weeks.  I went to register and I remember the lady asking how far along I was, I don't think that will be the case this time.  I have already busted out the belly bands and the hair band trick to give me an extra inch in buttoning my jeans :-)!  And now that people know I am pregnant, I am not so self-concious of the belly lump (soon to be a more hard bump - you know what I mean).

I also eat every 2 hours.  I know some prego mommas say they don't get cravings or aversions to food.  Not me!  I definitely love, love, love cereal right now and have to have it almost nightly before bed.  I love me some yummy cheerios (I never eat those when I am not pregnant).  This week I am especially loving chips and salsa, which my loving and supportive husband pointed out was a "veggie", yeah, but not the chips!!!  I still like fruits but I have to choke down most veggies at the moment.  I also am not into sweets, chocolate doesn't even seem appetizing, except ice cream.  I still like ice cream.  It's very soothing on the stomach.  And although I have meals planned for the week, we are making many substitutions as things just don't sound as good as they did on Sunday when I made the menu!

This time around I didn't even try to give up caffeine.  I drink 1 Dt. Mountain Dew most days.  With a VERY ACTIVE 19 month old, it is a must most days.  I am trying to wean myself from my afternoon nap so that I can get some things done and sleep better at night.  It is amazing that all of a sudden my bladder must be emptied at 3am!

I am still working out and I am thankful to do so, as I don't feel quite so bad eating that bowl of cheerios after 8pm or those really yummy chips and salsa.  I am really enjoying Zumba but have to leave to use the restroom halfway through with all that jumping around (you moms out there can relate, I hope :-), maybe is just me. 

It is funny to be pregnant again, I am trying to soak up the moments that Solon fits on to my lap and we can snuggle, bend over easily to put on his shoes, help him down the playground slide, etc. BUT I also am anxious to watch my belly grow and dream of what this future child will be like.  I just know what it felt like seeing Solon for the 1st time and how I instantly fell in love in a way I had never felt before.  The joy of a child is indescrible (just imagine how much God feels for us?) and I can't wait to feel that for another.  I think most moms worry, and I am one of them, how could I possibly love another as much as I love this one?  BUT I know God has built our hearts for insurmountable love!  And moms of more than 1 assure me that is the case.

The nausea is starting to subside at 12 weeks - wahoo!  Just in time for the weather to change and the warmer weather to come.  We have been sharing about the baby with Solon and he can now successfully point to my belly and say baby but then he will point to his own and say the same (so we have some reteaching to do :-).  I have to say I am a little tempted to find out what we are having and with 8 ultrasounds already scheduled, I am going to need my husband to help me say no.  It is truly life's greatest surprise and boy do I love surprises!!!  With all of the "newness" of pregnancy 2 we are praising our great Lord for this awesome gift!!!  Here is to a great 2nd trimester starting in just 2 weeks!

12 weeks
(don't worry about the bruising - that is just from the shots :-)
Sorry for the self- photo (do you smile when you take a photo of yourself - kind of awkward)