A trip to Nashville, TN...

We took a trip to Nashville, TN to visit my parents.  My dad got a new job down there so he lives there full-time and my mom winters down there with him as they still have their lake place in MN.  The weather was not all that great but better than the negative temperatures up north!
We stopped by Lynchburg, TN to see the Jack Daniels Distillery.  Although, I am not a whiskey drinker, the history and science behind it was very interesting.  Lynchburg is in a dry county - kind of ironic for the oldest and most profitable whiskey distillery in the country!  They still make ALL Jack Daniels right there.
Then we headed to the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN.  This plantation served as the largest Civil War hospital for the South.  With over 600 patients inside and outside the house for over 6 months.  There are still blood stains on the hardwood floor.  The family only had hours notice that their home would become a hospital.  So much Civil War history in the Nashville Area and my husband and father are quite the history buffs but I will say it was very interesting.
We then headed to music row - yes we took our lil' man to the Wild Horse Saloon.  The night before Lady Antebellum played there.  It is a huge venue with world-famous french-fried pickles. Solon liked them best out of all of us, I had to take them away as I feared he would get indigestion.  He really liked the horses galloping upside down across the ceiling and all the people line dancing.  He stood and danced next to our table to good ol' country music.  We would have stayed longer but with a little one we decided to head home after walking up and down the street and purchasing him a cowboy hat (boy is he cute in it - but he won't sit still long enough for me to get a picture)!
On Sunday, we wanted to stay home and watch the Super Bowl (ie the boys wanted to) but my parents have a great indoor pool heated to 85 degrees in their neighborhood.  So we took Solon for a swim.  We were the only ones there and he had a ball playing in the nice warm water! The rest of the day we spent voting for our favorite commercials, enjoying my mom's yummy appetizer spread and watching football!

On Monday before Scott left we went to Opryland.  It was badly damaged in the summer floods and only reopened in November.  It is the largest non-casino resort in the country (it is huge).  We were standing above the indoor river walk lined with shops and food.  The place is geared towards adults so we opted to eat some place else after our guided river boat tour.  We learned a lot about the flood and the opryland and Solon enjoyed watching the fish and riding in the boat.  Unfortunately the huge outlet mall connected to the resort is not reopened and may never as they did not have flood insurance.  It is really sad!
Scott and Solon enjoying our river boat tour!

Scott had to get back to work BUT the weather had other plans and his flight got cancelled until Tuesday morning early so we had one more night all together to hang out and relax.