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Catching up with Ohio Cousins...

Friday, February 25, 2011
While planning the visit to my parents, we figured out they were going to have to leave to go to Ames one of the weekends we were going to be there so it worked out that my mom could drive us to Lexington, Kentucky where my sister-in-law Raquel (Scott's sister) met us for lunch at Chick Fil-a and then headed to their house.  It was perfect as we had not been together since July (way too long!).  Her children were "angels" with Solon doting on him, playing with him, bathing with him, reading to him, and generally just spoiling him with lots of attention!  We got to go to Grace's school Valentine's party, Lance's story time valentine party, out for ice cream, played outside, went out to eat a couple of times, attended their church, and went to Grandview Weekend Outlet (a store that has close out Target stuff Friday-Saturday at bottom dollar prices - we actually found some ISU gear in Southern Ohio, Solon got croc slippers for 2.95 and some other great stuff!).   We had a great time talking, talking, talking (and if you know Raquel and I - that is not hard to believe!).  Thanks to the Malin's for their hospitality - we had a blast!  It was so hard to say good-bye but we will see them again at Scott's Brother, Paul's wedding in April!  Unfortunately my battery died midway through the trip so I got only a few photos and we always seemed to not have our cameras during the cutest moments, hence only 3 shots (Tear).

Solon and Lance waiting for the party to begin and holding flowers for Grace's teacher (Grace's idea - so sweet!)
Grace and her butterfly valentine holder - her class got awards for their creativity and they did not disappoint.  There was a football stadium holder, a Army camp holder, a dolphin holder, etc, etc.
Saturday morning cartoon watching...

We are blessed with such great cousins - We love you Grace and Lance!!!
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