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A a little snowstorm...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The weather forecasters across the nation made it out to be THE snowstorm of the year.  It did not meet the expectations in Central Iowa.  Kansas City, Chicago and further south got hit much worse.  Schools did let out early and cancelled school on Wednesday but when we woke up Wednesday morning the wind had stopped and all was still and calm.  We did get about 7 inches of snow and it was pretty packed because of the all the wind the night before so thank goodness Scott has a snowblower.  He along with all the neighbors had a symphony of gas-motored vehicles out at 7am!  Solon and I did decide to stay in and make valentines and rest and relax.  Our neighbors invited us over for a pizza lunch so the kids could burn off some energy since it ws too cold to play out in the fresh snow!  All in all, it was a snow storm but nothing out of the ordinary for an Iowa winter! Luckily Groundhog Phil did not see his shadow so of course winter is now over and my tulips should be blooming momentarily!
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