Solon at 17 months...

Solon is 17 months now and growing up so fast!

His latest and greatest includes:

It is AMAZING how much he is soaking up and what he understands.  I can ask him a question and he will say "yes" - nice to be able to communicate and for them to respond!!!  He hasn't said "no" yet (and I am jinxing myself by saying that).  We have had to start time-outs and discipline because we are at the age where he wants what he wants NOW and that is unfortunately not how the world works all the time - hard lesson at any age!!!  I think discipline is harder on me than him, I feel so bad but I know it is for the best and he needs to learn. Gives you a new respect for your own parents!

He is such a sweet-hearted, laid-back little guy.  He is a delight and we love, love, love him so much and Thank God for him daily!!!!