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Solon at 17 months...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Solon is 17 months now and growing up so fast!

His latest and greatest includes:
  • Saying "cheese" for the camera with his toothy and silly grin
  • Playing with his "choo-choo's"
  • Playing "b-ball" with daddy (as soon as daddy gets home he starts asking to play "bball")
  • Reading "gooks" (aka books)  He will bring what he wants to read over to you and you may have to read it over and over and over again.
  • Eating "cracker" and "juice" and "nack" (aka any kind of cracker - goldfish, cheese it, saltine, and snack)
  • Knows what a lion says "roar" and a cow says "moo" - he also says fish, bear, dog, and will say "meow" and "ruff"
  • Loves to sing and dance and play with his new piano and "sing" into the microphone
  • Working on knowing his body parts - he knows tummy, toes, hair, ears, nose, mouth, fingers and eyes
  • He is really good at independent playing (but prefers to play with mommy and daddy)
  • Favorite toys:  trains, balls, and running around like a crazy man!!!
  • Favorite foods:  anything dipped in ketchup, pears, bananas, cereal bars, crackers, and anything unhealthy that he sees us eating (we have to be careful - he LOVES chocolate!!!)
  • He takes 1 afternoon nap from 12:30-3pm and goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up at 7:30-7:45AM most days (yes I love that he doesn't get up super early!!!!)
  • He loves to watch Thomas on TV and will aske repeatedly (we watch them right after he gets up normally from nap or when I am cooking dinner)
  • He loves to be a big boy and help put laundry in the dryer, make food, put the dishwasher door up, and help vacuum.  Got to enjoy the enthusiasm for chores.  We are working on picking up toys and although he is SLOW he does do a good job!!!
  • He also still signs for "more" and "thank you"

It is AMAZING how much he is soaking up and what he understands.  I can ask him a question and he will say "yes" - nice to be able to communicate and for them to respond!!!  He hasn't said "no" yet (and I am jinxing myself by saying that).  We have had to start time-outs and discipline because we are at the age where he wants what he wants NOW and that is unfortunately not how the world works all the time - hard lesson at any age!!!  I think discipline is harder on me than him, I feel so bad but I know it is for the best and he needs to learn. Gives you a new respect for your own parents!

He is such a sweet-hearted, laid-back little guy.  He is a delight and we love, love, love him so much and Thank God for him daily!!!!
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