Nana and Papa's House and Christmas #2...

On December 27th we loaded up and headed North on 1-35 to Cedar Falls (Scott's hometown) for Christmas with Nana and Papa.  Solon was spoiled yet again with lots of nice gifts and lots of love but his favorites were Nana and Papa's choo-choos (actually daddy's from when he was a kid).  They even had an HO motorized one they let us bring home for when Solon is older.  He was quite impressed they moved all by themselves.  While in CF, we went to the Phelps Children's museum (I forgot my camera - I was really mad!).  Solon LOVED the garden, cave, tractor, Jamaican bus, muscial insturments, and stage!  We also went to a super cute new diner and of course the Brown Bottle for lasagna - Solon loves lasagna!  We also enjoyed relaxing and playing games!
Opening Gifts
Nana and Papa have a lot of hilly land so we went sledding in the 14 + inches of snow (that later melted in the unusually warm temps!)
It took Solon a few times to realize how fun it was and then after that he kept wanting to go!
The gang taking a quick break!
 Checking out the HO train set we got to take home!
We found Solon reading his new book in Papa's reading chair.  He had crawled on up and enjoyed his reading!  It was so priceless...he was pretty proud of himself!  He is getting to be SUCH a BIG and INDEPENDENT boy!  (he will always be my baby boy - he just doesn't know that :-)