Being thankful as we end 2010 and begin 2011...

Another year has come and gone!  It seems now that I am a parent (and even though I am home everyday) time seems to go faster than ever.  Our little guy is almost 17 month and surprising us daily with his new knowledge and know how!  Over the course of this holiday, I began to get really sick after eating meals (and I mean nearly passing out from the pain).  I began to get worried that something very serious was wrong with me.  At first, I didn't turn to God and ask for his help.  I worked hard to solve the problem alone and by myself.  Scared to even admit to Scott that I didn't feel good. With that strategy, my anxiety and discomfort grew by the day.
By the time December 31st rolled around I was in so much pain Scott sent me to the doctor.  Of course, the clinic got me in at 11:30 and it closed at noon along with all other clinics due to the holiday.  My doctor determined it was my gallbladder but unfortunately besides a little medication she could do nothing else until the following Tuesday.  By this point, MY strategy was not getting me very far.  I decided I better turn to God and even though I felt beyond yucky I sat down for quiet time, prayer, and to read my bible.  At first, I didn't find anything that really helped but as I sat with God and just prayed for his grace and his help to make me feel better a peace surrounded me. From then on, although my pain did not go away, my anxiety did.  He was faithful to me and gave me strength in spirit.  By Monday night, I couldn't take it anymore and headed to the ER with Scott.  There, they proceeded to do a series of tests from EKG, Cat scan, ultrasound, IV, and about 10 viles of blood over the course of  hours.  They determined it was a gallbladder attack that did not need surgery and unfortuately they could do nothing but my body was healthy as could be based on the tests.  Now, I had to trust God because medicine had run its course.  Through all of the pain and time away from my precious family, God never stopped teaching me.  First, seek him in all times and don't wait.  Second, read his word, it will provide such a sense of peace others words cannot.  Third,  he like the bible says will be with you as you walk through the fire and he will be faithful in bringing you through. 

Not the way I expected to shed a few pounds or start the new year but it makes me so much more thankful for my health and the simple pleasures!  In times of need God is always close! Always good to be reminded...(but hopefully my gallbladder is on the mend for a while ;)

May God Bless and teach you in 2011!