Another ear infection...oh no!

Our poor little guy woke up on Saturday with dried blood coming out of his inner left ear.  Of course, he was running around like his typical self so we were not too concerned BUT because of his tubes we decided to take him in.  Thankfully his pediatric office has weekend hours (AWESOME!) and they got us in.  When we got there they determined it was pretty serious and most likely an ear infection BUT there was so much blood in his ear they could not even see his tube.  The funny thing was Solon seemed himself running around, playing, laughing and flirting with "the baby" in the mirror!  We got directions on how to irrigate it and drops for the infection and off we went.  I didn't think about the fact that Scott and I would have to hold Solon down for 5 minutes while I syringed water into his little ear and cleaned it out. **If you have a little wiggly one you know the only time they sit still is when they are sleeping. We, of course, did what all well meaning parents do - put Thomas on the TV and gave him a brownie to help ease his pain (HA!).  It worked like a charm.  Hopefully it will be on the mend and his little ear will be back to normal soon.  He is such a good little guy and such a trooper!  He has definitely taught me to not freak out (as I didn't yesterday and I totally surprised myself)!  Luckily, Nana and Papa came so he had lots to keep him busy and play b-ball with!