Universal Studios...

We went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure while we were in Florida.  My cousins Madelynne and Bailey were so excited to go to "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" and so were the thousands of other people there - oh my goodness!  Luckily we went early in the day because they stopped letting people into that part of the park around lunchtime because it was so crowded.  We did get Madelynne a wand, got some candy at Honeydukes and rode on 2 roller coasters in that part of the park before heading to the rest of Universal which was less busy and more enjoyable.  We had "fast passes" which allowed us to go into a different line as well as doing child swap which meant my mom and I switched and everyone else got to go on each ride twice.  Maddie and Bailey loved that!!!
The Town of Hogsmede (you can tell Solon was not impressed) Note all the people...
Hogwarts Castle
The Flight of the Hipogriff Rollercoaster
Jurassic Park Water Ride - my mom told us we wouldn't get wet - wrong!
In the late afternoon we went over to Universal Studios to ride on their new rollercoaster, and then ran (and I mean sprint) to dinner because it started to pour while we were on the rollercoaster.
Solon fell asleep during dinner and slept through a childswap at the Mummy roller coaster.  We had a great day and were there from opening to closing.  Everyone past out in the car on the way back to the beach!