At the beach for the First time...

Solon and Auntie Ellen checking out the surf...he wasn't so sure of the water washing the sand from under his feet and it was a tad chilly (70 degrees).

BUT he loved chasing the "ducks" - just like with "trucks" everything that has 2 legs and a beak is a duck, try as I might to say bird everytime...he would yell duck everytime he would see some bird and start running toward it!
Working on digging in the sand with his "trucks"
I think he liked the sand...he had it EVERYWHERE!!!
Note the sand in his air, the layer on his face and clothes...(and not seen but in his diaper as well!)
Time to go take a nap - can you hear the screams through the picture...first stop the shower to rinse off all that sand. 

The 1st time at the beach was a success...good thing because we had 8 more days left to enjoy.  The weather was in the 80's and sunny everyday. It only rained twice and only for about 20 minutes in the afternoon.