A Trip to Hawkeye Park...

We went to Hawkeye Park in North Ankeny over the weekend with our good family friends!  We had some extra bread from tailgating and knew the ducks would love it.  The boys loved throwing them nearly whole pieces of bread and watching the ducks swim rapidly aware with their prize!  Solon was not afraid to try to go swimming with the ducks so we had to keep a close eye on him!

 After feeding the ducks we went to the playground, but who needs that, when you have a stroller!
After the park we went to have gyros together - YUM!  Solon enjoyed his 1st gyro.  We found they have a special - 5 gyros, a 2 liter of pop, and 2 sides of fries or $15 bucks.  It made for a great meal for 2 thrifty but hungry families!