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Solon likes granola bars but dislikes teething...

Friday, November 19, 2010
Our poor little guy has had a REALLY ROUGH week!  He is getting SEVERAL teeth including his molars - OUCH!  We have had a week of sleepless nights for all of us, fevers, lots of orajel and creative meals for Solon.  He has eaten lots of soft foods including his new favorite (and not so healthy) pumpkin pie!  He also tried granola bars for the 1st time this week, he liked them despite the pain they caused to his poor little mouth!  Hopefully his teeth will start to feel better soon!  He is glued to mommy this week and just wants to cuddle and for those of you that know him that is very unusual - he is normally Mr. Independent and adventurous!  I can't complain about the cuddling but just wish he felt better!
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