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A November Picnic in the Park...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
We had to get our oil changed in both cars so we decided to do it over the noon hour and go to a park nearby for a picnic lunch.  Who would think you could have a picnic lunch in the mid-60's in November?  Solon enjoyed his lunch and ate all of it surprisingly since there was a playground about 50 feet from us.  As soon as he finished up his many little containers of food (turkey, cheese-its, and grapes) he and daddy headed off to the playground.  He LOVES to be a big BRAVE boy and go down the slides all by himself on his belly!  We decided that this was so much fun we will have to do this more often next spring as now the weather has turned cold (just like it should be in November but I am not complaining about our awesome fall!)
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